Long time no see, I know, the comfortable low-speed summer is now definitely over. I’m back to school taking art and craft classes, got a job at a gallery/workshop and have a project or two going on with my art (see art blog http://www.studiostrange.wordpress.com for more info). No time for blogging, but ill try to post something every now and then anyway.

Picture above is from the good old playground we used to roam as teenagers, which is close to where i work now. I didnt know how much I missed these grounds before I found myself standing there, air thick with memories. It feels good to know that i’m close to this place again, it holds so much of my heart.




Sorry about the lack of posts in here this week. I’m currently planing on two exhibitions, working with a gallery interested in accepting my art, getting back to the school bench and trying to land two part-time jobs between all of this (keep your fingers and toes crossed). Did I mention I have a three-year old and a needy cat? Phew. I don’t have much time for writing right now, but I’ll try to have something sensible to post once a day at least, I hope you all stick around!